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Two Point Hospital 2HR (two-hour review)

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What is a 2HR?

A 2HR is a "2-hour review," where we pick a game that's available on Xbox Game Pass and play it for two hours and two hours only. Why? Because we feel like you can learn a lot about a game within two hours. And for many gamers, the first two hours of gameplay can determine whether or not they'll continue playing a game. It's also the same duration of time you can play a game on Steam before you can no longer request a refund. The goal of a 2HR is quick content (we try to keep it under a 5-minute read time) that will give you an idea of whether or not a game is worth playing or even downloading, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. It can also be helpful for those who have a bandwidth limit with their ISPs.

Two Point Hospital verdict: Continue Playing

I didn’t want to stop playing Two Point Hospital at the two-hour mark, but that is what a 2HR is all about. I intend to spend a bit more time playing the game, as I really want to explore the sandbox mode.

What kind of game is Two Point Hospital?

Two Point Hospital is a simulation game with a bigger focus on management and a smaller focus on building.

What games are like Two Point Hospital?

Other specialized simulation games like Parkitect, Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster, and Prison Architect. It is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, which was originally released in 1997.

Who would enjoy Two Point Hospital?

Anyone who likes simulation games, building and managing their own creation.

Who wouldn’t enjoy Two Point Hospital?

Gamers who don’t like to micromanage multiple priorities at the same time. Hardcore sim fans looking for a lot of depth in building.

Two Point Hospital 2HR (two-hour review)

Two Point Hospital two-hour review:

Two Point Hospital starts off like your run-of-the-mill simulation game, introducing you to the very basics of building and hiring your staff to maintain your hospital. It gives a little bit of freedom since you can control how large you make your rooms, although there are minimal requirements for each one. As its name suggests, Two Point Hospital is all about building and maintaining a functional hospital to address your patients’ needs, which go beyond just medical. You’ll need to maintain the status of your hospital with proper decorations, like benches for your patients to sit on while waiting, and maintaining comfort by adding furnaces or air conditioners depending on the hospital’s environment. Like similar simulation games, you’ll also have to pay attention to the needs of your staff, from training and pay to building them a proper staff room for them to take breaks.

Two Point Hospital doesn’t take itself too seriously, leaning on humor and made-up diseases to make the game more entertaining. Instead of dealing with cancer and needing chemotherapy, for example, you’re actually taking care of patients who need “chromatherapy” to treat “Grey Anatomy”, which literally makes a patient lose all its color and appear grey. The game is full of entertaining sound bits and dialogue from the intercom, none of which I found particularly annoying even after two hours.

What I did find annoying in my limited playtime was training your staff new skills and specializations, which pulls them away from being able to treat patients at the same time. That means hiring temporary staff to fill those rooms, or dealing with a long line of patients that are complaining, sick, and dying because all your doctors or nurses are busy getting educated. This possibly gets addressed later on in the game, but it is something I observed in my initial two-hour playthrough.

Overall, Two Point Hospital is easy to get into and isn’t very difficult for a simulation game, at least not through the first two hours. I’m excited to explore the sandbox mode to unlock more rooms and tech, along with seeing what other entertaining diseases the game has you deal with. I would say Two Point Hospital is more of a relaxing simulation game, one that isn’t as stressful to maintain as say, Cities: Skylines. If you’re looking for a casual sim game and don’t mind the hospital setting, it’s worth the download.

Two Point Hospital 2HR Playthrough Video

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