About Us

FullCleared.com was started in 2013 as a hobby project by Jason Siu, who spends his day professionally writing about the automotive industry. Most of his free time goes to playing video games, so he figured why not write about video games. We know there are tons of websites out there covering the video game industry, and there are even more content creators and streamers to keep you entertained. The group behind FullCleared.com are passionate gamers who have been playing games and exploring worlds together for nearly 20 years. We are just another voice for the video game industry by covering the news, writing features and op-eds, reviewing games, and giving product recommendations based on our personal experiences.

We choose to have an ad-free site because we think ads on websites ruin the user experience. There’s nothing worse than having to scroll through ad after ad trying to get to the content you want to see. Instead, we do have affiliate links for our product and gaming recommendations. If you wish to support what we do, please click on those links before purchasing a product. It costs you nothing and helps us out immensely.

Anyways, we’re not really sure how you ended up on this page. But if you wanted to know more about FullCleared.com, that’s the gist of it. Jason Siu leads the site with over 20 years of editorial experience in the automotive industry and is joined by contributors: Alfred, Halvin, and Chad Custodio, Jessica Fritsch, and David Traver Adolphus.