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Factorio's Space Age expansion is set to blast off on October 21

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I consider Factorio one of the best games I’ve ever played, and now it might be getting even better. Developer Wube Software has revealed Factorio: Space Age, an expansion that is set to launch on October 21, 2024. The expansion will be priced at $35, the same as the base game. As its name suggests, Space Age begins after players launch rockets into space and introduces new worlds with unique challenges. The expansion continues Factorio’s main focus of gathering resources for technological gains but adds the twist of managing a fleet of interplanetary space platforms.

You can learn much more about Space Age in this detailed post, but some of the highlights include the aforementioned space platforms, which also serve as a means of transportation between planets. The planets we’ll be visiting include Fulgora, a lifeless and desolate place with high-tech scraps that unlock the advanced electromagnetic and superconducting powers of Holmium. Then there’s Gleba, a swampy landscape surrounded by a light mist. Along with exotic plants that can be cultivated and harvested, Gleba will offer players a new realm of biochemical engineering.

Wube Software also gave a preview of elevated rails and quality tiers for all items, machines, and equipment. More features in Space Age will be revealed closer to the launch, but expect a new soundtrack by Petr Wajsar, new enemies and defenses, and an enigmatic fifth planet.

Those who aren’t interested in Factorio: Space Age can still look forward to the upcoming version 2.0, which will be a free upgrade for all players. The update includes smarter worker robots, new rails, remote view, combinator and circuit network improvements, train control improvements, a new fluid system, overhauled Nauvis terrain generation, and more.

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