Desktop RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti Priced From $299, on Sale Starting May 24



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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti

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NVIDIA has announced specs, prices, and on-sale dates for the long awaited budget 40-series Ada Lovelace GPUs, and the news is good, with the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB card going on sale May 24, 2023, with a retail price of $399.

The first card will be followed in July, 2023, by an RTX 4060 Ti 16GB variant at $499; and non-Ti 8GB RTX 4060 at a category-leading $299.

They will all be two-slot cards with NVIDIA’s standard one HDMI and three DisplayPort connections, and super efficient power ratings of 110W for the 4060, up to 165W for the top 16GB Ti. All the cards have the same 128-bit bandwidth, and full suite of NVIDIA products (DLSS, Shadow Play, G-Sync) enabled.

RTX 4060 Ti cards get a higher base and boost clock, and 42% more CUDA cores than the non-Ti version. Everything else aside from memory quantity is the same, although Ti card sizes will vary depending on the manufacturing partner.

We would put these cards in the same class as a Radeon RX 6650XT (8GB), but with far less power draw. There really isn’t any direct competitor for the 4060 Ti, as it comes in slightly below an RX 6800 on price and performance; and way under the famously hungry AMD units in power consumption. The low power draw will also make them a great choice for small form factor (SFF) builds.

At $299, the 8GB RTX 4060 will be a perfect card for mid-budget builds—paired with an i5-12400F, you’d be able to build a screaming 1080p/144hz rig for under $1,000 (like our example), or with a little work and maybe a used or recycled part, even get the Ti in there at that price point. If an RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT can run Diablo IV on high, these cards should be right in that sweet spot, with the 16GB 4060 Ti able to support many titles in 1440p.

We think all of these cards are priced well, but especially the two 8GB versions. The RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti are probably the best deals to come from NVIDIA since the 6GB 1060, which is still the second-most common card in the Steam survey.

It would be surprising if the RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti didn’t make it to the top of the list in due time.

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