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Cities: Skylines II is no longer heading to consoles this October

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Cities: Skylines II’s launch on PC in October 2023 was a bit rough, and now the game has been delayed on consoles. Originally targeting an October release window, the team at Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive has confirmed they have not yet met the stability and performance targets they set for the console release. As a result, the console release has been delayed, and currently, the team doesn’t have an updated release window.

While the launch of Cities: Skylines II was disappointing, especially given how fantastic the original was, the team has been hard at work improving the game. The two latest patches have brought significant changes, with the first patch overhauling the entire economic system running in the background of the game. The more recent patch added plenty of new buildings.

Here’s the full message on the console delay, posted on Paradox’s official forums:

Dear Console Players,
We wanted to update you on the console release schedule. Unfortunately, we have not yet met the stability and performance targets we set for the console release. Without a Release Candidate (RC), we are now unable to meet an October release window.

While we are making slow but steady progress, there are still unresolved issues impacting the game in ways that harm the player experience we want to deliver. We expect to receive a new RC, which will undergo a thorough review in August. This evaluation will determine whether we can begin the submission process and provide a solid release date, or if further issues need to be addressed.

We understand this is disappointing, and it’s not what we had hoped for either. However, we are committed to keeping you informed throughout this development process, even if the updates aren’t always what we’d like.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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