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Unpacking 2HR (2-hour review)

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What is a 2HR?

A 2HR is a "2-hour review," where we pick a game that's available on Xbox Game Pass and play it for two hours and two hours only. Why? Because we feel like you can learn a lot about a game within two hours. And for many gamers, the first two hours of gameplay can determine whether or not they'll continue playing a game. It's also the same duration of time you can play a game on Steam before you can no longer request a refund. The goal of a 2HR is quick content (we try to keep it under a 5-minute read time) that will give you an idea of whether or not a game is worth playing or even downloading, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. It can also be helpful for those who have a bandwidth limit with their ISPs.

Unpacking verdict: Uninstalling… But

Unpacking is a very unique game and while it’s not for me, I can see the appeal for many casual gamers out there. I have to give credit to the developers for creating something that’s very different and relaxing, but is still fun and satisfying. I highly recommend reading my review below to decide whether or not Unpacking is something you’d enjoy playing.

What kind of game is Unpacking?

Unpacking is mostly a puzzle game, but not in the traditional sense. You literally unpack boxes of items and place them in various rooms, where you think the items belong.

What games are like Unpacking?

I haven’t experienced anything like Unpacking before and I really don’t think there’s any game that’s similar at the time of writing. But it offers the same type of casual gameplay you can expect from something like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, but it’s really nothing like either of those games. If I really had to point my finger at a game, maybe Papers, Please?

Who would enjoy Unpacking?

Those looking for a relaxing, casual gaming experience where you don’t have to worry about timers, losing lives, or scores.

Who wouldn’t enjoy Unpacking?

Gamers looking for something more complex and fulfilling. The gameplay loop of Unpacking is really basic and while there are some puzzle elements, they can be frustrating since it is restrictive.

Unpacking 2HR (2-hour review)

Unpacking is a really interesting “game,” and I can definitely see the appeal for those who want to just relax and chill.

Unpacking (not so) two-hour review:

Like I said in my verdict, Unpacking deserves a lot of credit for being a really unique game and I can recognize that there are many people who would enjoy the experience. The game starts off really simple, giving you some boxes to unpack and a single room to handle. You’ll quickly learn the game’s mechanics as you remove individual items from the box and figure out where to place them. Once you’re done unpacking all the boxes, the game will let you know if any of the items weren’t placed where they belonged. Yes, that means you can place some of the items incorrectly, and you won’t be able to progress until you put them in their rightful place. If that sounds a bit odd, it appears there’s a reason why the game forces you to place items in their correct spot.

The game subtly tells a story through the items you’re unpacking, and to ensure you’re experiencing that story, certain items have to be placed in specific locations. Because of that, the game can be a bit frustrating because you aren’t given absolute freedom in placing the items, since they belong somewhere specific. That makes sense, since it is a puzzle game after all, but some situations will leave you wondering, “Why in the world would that go there?” The answer to that question lies within the game’s story, which unfolds as you progress through each phase of the character’s life. Some items change and some items get left behind, and it’s all part of a bigger picture. It’s worth noting that the game does award you with achievements for some situations you would clearly want to avoid while unpacking, like putting a toaster in a bathtub.

My biggest gripe with Unpacking, and the reason why I stopped playing it after an hour, is that it gets repetitive pretty quickly. Unless you absolutely enjoy the gameplay, Unpacking will slowly feel more like a tedious chore, much like unpacking in real life. You’ll start wanting to shove items underneath the bed or in random drawers just to get them out of your way, only for the game to yell at you (and rightfully so!) to figure out where those items really belong. As you progress, the game does get more complex by giving you multiple rooms to unpack, at which point you’ll be wondering why you couldn’t help the character pack up their boxes since some items clearly went in the wrong places. Overall, Unpacking is a unique experience and will definitely appeal to many, it just wasn’t meant for me. I did enjoy playing the game for an hour, I just couldn’t see myself enjoying it for more than that.

Unpacking 2HR Playthrough Video

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