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Roboquest 2HR (2-hour review)

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What is a 2HR?

A 2HR is a "2-hour review," where we pick a game that's available on Xbox Game Pass and play it for two hours and two hours only. Why? Because we feel like you can learn a lot about a game within two hours. And for many gamers, the first two hours of gameplay can determine whether or not they'll continue playing a game. It's also the same duration of time you can play a game on Steam before you can no longer request a refund. The goal of a 2HR is quick content (we try to keep it under a 5-minute read time) that will give you an idea of whether or not a game is worth playing or even downloading, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. It can also be helpful for those who have a bandwidth limit with their ISPs.

Roboquest verdict: Continue Playing

Roboquest will definitely be on our list of long-term reviews as we had plenty of fun in the initial two hours and look forward to unlocking all the other perks and progressing through the game.

What kind of game is Roboquest?

Roboquest is a roguelite first-person shooter where you progress through stages while unlocking random upgrades and guns.

What games are like Roboquest?

Roboquest’s core gameplay loop is very similar to Gunfire Reborn. Its gunplay is similar to the Borderlands series, but is a bit fast-paced like Doom. Some weapons clearly draw inspiration from characters in Overwatch. If you’ve never played any of those games, it’s a bit like Hades, but a first-person shooter with optional two-player co-op.

Who would enjoy Roboquest?

If you like first-person shooters with a variety of weapons and upgrades, you’ll probably enjoy Roboquest. Just make sure you’re fine with playing a roguelite. You do get upgrades after each failed attempt, but you’ll start all the way at the beginning after dying.

Who wouldn’t enjoy Roboquest?

Those who hate roguelites and want continual progression through a campaign. Those who don’t want to play the same levels over and over despite some randomness with the available upgrades and weapons.

Roboquest 2HR (2-hour review)

Roboquest is great fun, especially if you’ve got a co-op partner to play with.

Roboquest two-hour review:

Having played dozens of hours of Gunfire Reborn, we knew what to expect with Roboquest. The two games are pretty similar, but for those who haven’t played Gunfire Reborn, Roboquest is a roguelite first-person shooter. In the game, you progress through levels while killing enemies, picking up weapons and upgrades along the way. At the time of writing, there are four different classes to choose from, which unlock based on milestones in the game. Each class has a unique personality and skill, along with a different melee attack. We didn’t get a chance to unlock the Engineer in our two-hour playthrough, but did tinker around with one of the other three available classes.

One of the more unique mechanics in Roboquest is the four different types of weapons: Assault, Demolition, Technology, and Precision. Each weapon type is color coded to make them easily identifiable, and the passive perks you choose along the way also offer boosts to those weapon types. Each run, you will come up with a “build” for your character, but don’t expect it to be very deep. The available pool of perks doesn’t have a ton of variety and it doesn’t seem like there are a wide range of weapons to choose from. In addition, the maps aren’t procedurally generated and there isn’t a lot of enemy variety, so each run will seem a bit repetitive. We experienced three different bosses during our two-hour playthrough and they were fairly challenging, but we wouldn’t say they were dramatically different from one another. All that being said, Roboquest’s gunplay is quick paced with tighter controls, more akin to Doom than Borderlands; so if that’s your thing, you’ll probably have plenty of fun. Oh yeah, the music is great!

Overall, if you’re looking for a comparison of Roboquest vs. Gunfire Reborn, we’d say Gunfire Reborn offers a lot more variety than Roboquest currently does. Limited is the word we’d use to define Roboquest, but it’s a quality game that’s plenty of fun if you’re looking for another roguelite first-person shooter to enjoy.

It’s worth mentioning that Roboquest is currently still in Game Preview and it has been regularly getting updates. We’re looking forward to how the developer continues to support the game as we believe it has a lot of potential.

Roboquest 2HR Playthrough Video

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