You Can Finally Kill Chaos on Steam in April


Stranger of Paradise

By: Jason Siu


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stranger of paradise final fantasy origin

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is finally heading to Steam on April 6 or April 7, depending on which of the two different tweets you believe. We’ve reached out to Square Enix to get confirmation on which is the actual release date, as the product listing isn’t live yet on Steam. Either way, those who have been waiting patiently for the game to be released on Steam and refused to buy it on the Epic Games Store should be happy to hear that it’s also getting a permanent discount to $39.99 for the base game. The Season Pass will run $14.99, or you can get the Digital Deluxe Edition that includes the Season Pass, digital art book, and a digital mini soundtrack for $59.99.

We played through Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin last year when it was first released on consoles. The experience was surprisingly fun, despite the absurd dialogue and undercooked story. Really, Jack grows on you with time. Multiplayer in the game is a blast, with the build diversity and plethora of item drops making end-game farming a great experience if you have a few friends along for the ride. We’ll be sure to update this post once we get confirmation on the Steam release date — but we’re going to guess it’s April 7.

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