What Game is Currently Free on Epic Games?


Epic Games

By: Jason Siu



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warhammer 40,000: gladius relics of war

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Epic Games is everyone’s favorite launcher to complain about. But there’s one thing it does well: free games. Ever since its launch, Epic has been investing a lot of money into giving players free games, and really, why is anyone complaining about free games? Besides, stop pretending like you’ve never played Fortnite.

If you have the Epic Games launcher installed on your PC but only check it from time to time, you’re missing out on some great free games. We’ll keep this post updated so you don’t miss out on a title you’ve been interested in buying.

  • From now until March 30, both Chess Ultra and World of Warships – Starter Pack: Ishizuchi are free on Epic Games.
  • From March 30 to April 6, Tunche will be free on Epic Games.

While the Chess craze has definitely died down a bit compared to a couple years ago, its growth in popularity has brought a lot of new interest to the game. Chess Ultra is brought to you by developer Ripstone and features 4K visuals, online multiplayer, and full VR compatibility. It’s a nice addition to the Epic Games collection if you’re a fan of Chess.

As for the Ishizuchi starter pack for World of Warships, the package includes the Ishizuchi, a Japanese Tier IV battleship, a port slot, 11 Epic camouflages, 11 common expendable economic bonuses of four types (Credits +20%, Ship XP +100%, Commander XP +100%, and Free XP +300%), and five Award containers. If you already have the Ishizuchi ship in your Port, you won’t receive any compensation for her. Also, this DLC can only be used if you’re playing the game with an account created on Epic Games Store.

Tunche Screenshot

Tunche will be free on Epic Games from March 30 to April 6.

Next week is Tunche, a charming hand-drawn action game featuring roguelike elements. It’s developed by LEAP Game Studios and published by HypeTrain Digital and currently has less than 500 reviews on Steam, but a Mostly Positive rating. In Tunche, you can team up with friends or play solo, choosing from five unique characters on your mission to restore peace in the Amazon rainforest.

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