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Street Fighter 6 Showcase recap

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In today’s Street Fighter 6 Showcase, hosted by none other than Lil’ Wayne, Capcom shared a lot of details on the single-player content heading to the fighting game. The World Tour mode will have players creating their own character before starting off in Metro City, with their trainer, Luke. The game is full of missions and that’s how the player’s character can learn “master actions.” There are even items that can be purchased and used in fights. Casual battles in the open world have the player character taking on more than one opponent at the same time, and it’s similar to classic side-scrolling beat ’em up games like Final Fight.

Players can choose to become a student for legendary fighters, opening up special missions and learning more about those fighters. They can even give their masters presents to strengthen their bonds. There are also skill trees to further customize the player character. Overall, the World Tour mode looks very well designed and might be the most extensive single-player campaign any fighting game has ever seen.

Capcom also shared some details on the Battle Hub, which is where players from all around the world can meet up to enjoy all sorts of Street Fighter-related activities, including playing classic Street Fighter games. But more impressive, you can bring your player character in Avatar Battles — yes, the one you build and customize in World Tour mode can be used to fight online in a non-ranked mode.

A ton of accessibility features were also detailed, including AI-assisted combos, really clever sound indicators, and an extensive list of tutorials. Street Fighter 6 will very likely change the franchise, much like Monster Hunter World did, when it comes to attracting new players. Capcom also showed off Extreme Battles, which have various objectives that could add another layer of fun. In addition, players can create Custom Rooms for online play with plenty of customization.

Producer Shuhei Matsumoto then confirmed some post-launch plans, including four new characters that will join the lineup in year one: Rashid (Summer 2023), A.K.I. (Autumn 2023), Akuma (Spring 2024), and ED (Winter 2024). Expect to see various events in Battle Hub and possible cross collaborations.

Finally, Street Fighter 6’s demo is now live on PlayStation, so you can get a taste of the game ahead of its release in June.

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Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Release date: June 2, 2023

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