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Satisfactory is leaving Early Access on September 10

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The automation and factory building game Satisfactory is finally leaving Early Access on September 10, 2024. Coffee Stain Studios has announced plans for Satisfactory 1.0, including the most notable change: the toilet in the HUB can now be flushed. If that doesn’t get you excited for release, then maybe these other changes will.

For starters, the world is getting several updates, with numerous resource nodes being added, altered, or removed. The idea here, for better or worse, is to give players new possibilities to create even crazier, messier conveyor belt spaghetti. Most of the node reductions are in the Northern Forest in order to encourage players to expand. Additionally, nodes have been added throughout the map where it makes sense for a more even spread of resources. Players will mainly see this change with Caterium, Sulfur, and Quartz, but Iron, Copper, Limestone, and water geysers received similar treatment across the map. The team has also changed some of the Coal nodes, with many added closer to The Abyss, while others have been removed.

Recipes are also being updated in 1.0 in hopes of providing smoother transitions between phases and tiers, particularly later in the game. For example, in tiers 5 and 6, progress is no longer gated by Heavy Modular Frames and Computers, respectively. Some updates are also happening to research, so players aren’t stuck with a huge jump in complexity and effort when moving between tiers. These changes include Supercomputers no longer being part of the Caterium MAM tree, and Gas Masks now being in the Mycelia MAM tree instead of tier 5.

Coffee Stain Studios also shared changes to generators, with Biomass Burners now having an input for Conveyor Belts, which means players can automate everything with them—no more manually refilling Burners! Fuel Generators are also seeing an increase from 150 MWh to 250 MWh.

The team also hopes to further optimize the game for 1.0 and is working on improving dedicated servers. More news about Satisfactory 1.0 will be shared in the coming months, leading up to its official release in September.

We have spent time in Satisfactory since the first day it launched into Early Access on the Epic Games Store. Over the years, we have revisited the game during some of its major updates and are quite excited to see how complete 1.0 will feel. Overall, Satisfactory is a nice evolution of Factorio and is definitely a game you can lose hundreds of hours in if you’re not careful.

Satisfactory Release Date Announcement

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