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In early February, Sony began beta testing an update for the PS5 that would add Discord voice chat, VRR support for 1440p resolution, and more. That update has now rolled out globally and the post on the PlayStation Blog has been updated with details on all of the new features. One of the more highly anticipated additions is the ability to join Discord voice chats from a PS5 console. In order to use the feature, you’ll have to link your Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from your PS5,, or the Discord app if you haven’t already done so. Afterwards, you can use the Discord app on your mobile device or computer to join a voice channel and then select the option to join on PlayStation. The integration is a bit awkward, but you can see step-by-step instructions here or watch the video below.

The other major feature is variable refresh rate support for up to 1440p resolution if you’re using a VRR-compatible HDMI 2.1 display. Sony has also made some updates to the parameters of the PS5 console’s 1440p output test, which should enable 1440p support for a wider range of HDMI displays. Other new features include the ability to start or request a share screen from your friend’s profile, a new “join game” icon in party chats, and a new “friends who play” tile in game hubs. Players also now have the ability to manually upload game captures to the PlayStation App. This doesn’t replace auto-uploads, but rather complements the existing feature.

Some minor enhancements have also been made to the game library, allowing you to sort and filter games when adding games to a gamelist. New accessibility and ease-of-use features include PS4 to PS5 saved data migration, PS5 to PS5 data transfer, screen reader improvements, and being able to update your DualSense controller wirelessly.

Lastly, PS5 gamers in the U.S. and the U.K. can now use voice command to capture and save video clips of gameplay.

Discord Voice Chat on PS5 Video

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