Play Marvel’s Midnight Suns for Free on Steam


Midnight Suns

By: Jason Siu


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The last few weeks have been pretty exciting for gamers. If you picked up Hogwarts Legacy, there’s a good chance you’re still playing through that. This week brought the arrival of Wild Hearts, Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, Returnal on PC, Tales of Symphonia Remastered, and Blanc — to name a few. But if none of those new games appeal to you, or you’re just not in the mood to spend any money, you can check out Marvel’s Midnight Suns for free this weekend on Steam.

Originally released on December 2, 2022, Midnight Suns comes from Firaxis Games, most well known for the Civilization and XCOM franchises. Published by 2K, Midnight Suns is also on sale until March 2 at 40% off, so you can pick up the standard game for $35.99 if you enjoy what you see for free. The Legendary Edition is also discounted to $59.99, while the Digital+ Edition is standard pricing at $79.99.

Midnight Suns is a tactical strategy game, similar to what you’d expect from XCOM, but with a twist. Card-based mechanics have been introduced to shake up the genre and it certainly adds a lot of different strategies and even more fun to the combat system. If you’ve enjoyed games like XCOM, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, or even the Mario + Rabbids games on Switch, you should check out Midnight Suns. Besides, it’s free.

The All-Access Weekend is active now and runs until Sunday February 19 at 9:59am Pacific.

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