Immortals of Aveum Looks to be a Modern-Day Hexen


Immortals of Aveum

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Immortals of Aveum

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Those who grew up playing the original Doom and Doom II games on PC likely remember other titles like Descent, Heretic, and Hexen. Both Heretic and Hexen were first-person shooters, but focused significantly more on magic than guns. While they weren’t as popular as Doom or Doom II, they both had a unique style at the time, and are fondly remembered by gamers from that era.

While Doom had a rebirth of sorts in 2018, games like Heretic and Hexen are pretty much relics of the past. That is until today, when Electronic Arts (EA) and Ascendant Studios made a surprise announcement with Immortals of Aveum. It’s a single-player, first-person magic shooter that will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on July 20, 2023. Based on the trailer, the game looks to be a modern-day interpretation of Hexen.

If you haven’t heard of Ascendant Studios, you aren’t alone. But EA did say it’s a new studio made up of BAFTA and Game of the Year award-winning industry veterans. The game is set in an original fantasy universe that has been engulfed in magic and conflict. Players take on the role of Jak, who joins an elite order of battlemages. Jak is voiced by Darren Barnet, who will be joined by Gina Torres, who takes on the role of General Kirkan.

The game will cost $59.99 on PC and $69.99 on consoles. Pre-orders include the Purified Arclight sigil. There is a Deluxe Edition that costs an additional $10 and includes a unique sigil, three rings, two bracers, and three totems. EA Play Pro subscribers will get access to the Deluxe Edition on day one.

“I’m incredibly excited to finally show the world Immortals of Aveum. It’s been a five year journey for us at Ascendant, and I’m so proud of the team and their commitment to making something great,” said Bret Robbins, CEO and Game Director at Ascendant Studios. “We set out to create a cinematic, thrilling shooter set in a new fantasy world, with fast and fluid combat and an epic story. I can’t wait for everyone to play it.”

Immortals of Aveum box art

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Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Release date: August 22, 2023

Immortals of Aveum Official Reveal Trailer

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