Barotrauma Exits Early Access



By: Jason Siu


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barotrauma screenshot

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The sci-fi submarine simulator, Barotrauma, has officially released today after spending less than two years in Early Access. Developed by FakeFish and Undertow Games, Barotrauma began its life as an open-development project by Undertow Games who are the brains behind the free open-source horror game, SCP – Containment Breach. In early 2018, Undertow Games teamed up with FakeFish to create a joint studio in Turku, Finland and to launch Barotrauma.

If you haven’t followed the game’s development, Barotrauma is a 2D, co-operative submarine simulator that is best played with friends — it supports up to 16 players. There is however, a single-player campaign for players to enjoy. In Barotrauma, you must navigate the depths of Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa while fulfilling various missions. Not only will you have to steer your submarine, you’ll have to fight monsters, fix leaks, operate machinery, and more. Think of it a bit like FTL: Faster than Light.

The game entered Steam Early Access in summer 2019 and since then, it has nearly 30,500 reviews at the time of publishing with a Very Positive rating. Check out Barotrauma’s full release trailer below.

Barotrauma Full Release Trailer

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