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The Masterful Modern 3D Platformers bundle is now available at Humble

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If you love 3D platformer games and wish we could go back to the 32-bit era, you’re in for a treat. Humble is currently offering the Masterful Modern 3D Platformers game bundle, allowing you to pick up eight games for $17. Best of all, your donation goes on to support Direct Relief, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that is one of the largest providers of medical relief worldwide.

As usual, you can adjust the amount of your donation to determine how much of it goes to the publishers, Direct Relief, and Humble. You will receive Steam keys for each game in the bundle.

Here’s the full nine-item bundle (one of the items is a coupon) if you pay at least $17

  • A Hat in Time – Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam with 38,171 user reviews
  • A Hat in Time – Seal the Deal – Mixed rating on Steam with 1,240 user reviews
  • Hell Pie – Very Positive rating on Steam with 645 user reviews
  • The Spirit and the Mouse – Very Positive rating on Steam with 296 user reviews
  • Kao the Kangaroo – Very Positive rating on Steam with 472 user reviews
  • Demon Turf – Very Positive rating on Steam with 344 user reviews
  • 35% Off Coupon for Kao the Kangaroo Bend the Roo’les DLC – Mixed rating on Steam with 12 user reviews
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale – Very Positive rating on Steam with 295 user reviews
  • Pumpkin Jack – Very Positive rating on Steam with 4,065 user reviews

If you already own A Hat in Time and its Seal the Deal DLC, you can pay $15 to get a seven-item bundle that excludes those two items. Finally, paying at least $9 gets you a two-item bundle with New Super Lucky’s Tale and Pumpkin Jack.

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