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Your Steam Year in Review 2023 is now available

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Following in the footsteps of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Steam has released its Year in Review 2023. In contrast to other year-in-review summaries, Steam isn’t prominently featuring total playtime in its report, at least in my case. Instead, the highlights include the number of games you played and how many of them were new, the number of achievements unlocked, and a percentage breakdown between playing with keyboard + mouse or controller.

Interestingly, some personal stats are compared against the median figures of the broader Steam community, revealing surprising trends. The Steam community had a median of 16 for achievements unlocked, four games played, and a five-day gaming streak. Myself, I unlocked 464 achievements, played 36 games, and my longest streak was 33 days.

My Year in Review also said that 51 percent of the games I played were new releases, defined as games released during 2023. That’s compared to nine percent for the average player on Steam. The review also features a spider graph visualizing the genres you played and various other statistics, like workshop item subscriptions and games gifted.

It then provides you with a closer look at your top played games, which for me were Baldur’s Gate 3 (review), Last Epoch (first impressions), LIVE A LIVE (review), Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon (review), and Sea of Stars (review). Steam also provides you with a breakdown of playtime by month, with August being my highest. I got a breakdown of playtime spent between my PC and Steam Deck, as well as the number of games played across the two devices.

To explore your own gaming year with Steam, you can access your personalized Year in Review 2023 via the Steam Store page.

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