Wild Hearts Gets a New Trailer


Wild Hearts

By: Jason Siu


1 min read

wild hearts screenshot

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As fans of Monster Hunter, we here at Full Cleared are looking forward to the release of Wild Hearts next week. Developed by Omega Force, the same studio behind the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise, Wild Hearts is hoping to put a new spin to the hunting genre that has long been dominated by the Monster Hunter series. Set in a fantasy world called Azuma that is inspired by feudal Japan, players will take on giant beasts called Kemono. They’ll have the aid of ancient Karakuri technology to help turn the tide of battle, along with their weapon of choice.

In Wild Hearts, players can take on these fearsome beasts alone or with up to two other players in seamless co-op. The latest trailer, titled “Tame a World Gone Wild” gives us an exciting look at what to expect from Wild Hearts.

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