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Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC

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One of the biggest surprises of 2022 was the overwhelming success of Vampire Survivors. What seems to be a simple game on the surface turned out to be one of the best designed games ever. In fact, the indie game recently won two awards at the BAFTAs, one for Best Design and another for Best Game. The studio behind Vampire Survivors, poncle, has revealed the next DLC for the game, and it’s a high fantasy trope-a-thon called Tides of the Foscari.

Set to launch April 13 on PC, mobile, and Xbox, the DLC will cost $1.99, continuing in the low-price theme of the game itself that is normally $4.99. Tides of the Foscari will add eight new characters, a brand new stage, 13 new weapons, seven music tracks, 21 achievements, and many other surprises.

Here’s a quick summary of the story for Tides of the Foscari:

“Nestled deep within a continent-sized forest is Foscari Academy, a school where the elite of the world train their children for careers as powerful wizards, indefatigable generals, and expert spies. The Academy is divided into three houses, a premise hitherto untouched in all of fantasy fiction – The Azure Tower, The Crimson Anvil and The Amber Sickle. Three students, one from each house, brave the journey into a forest stuffed with mythological creatures, all to have a jolly adventure, with absolutely nothing interrupting the whimsy.”

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC Teaser Video

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