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Vampire Survivors is adding four-player couch co-op on August 17

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Last year’s surprise indie hit Vampire Survivors is getting an update on August 17 that will add four-player couch co-op to the game. In a blog post on Xbox’s website, Geo Morgan, the Senior Marketing Manager at Poncle, shared details on the co-op update that will enable you and three local friends to join and play the entire Vampire Survivors saga together. Each player can select a unique character that can only be selected once, ensuring that all players will have distinct characters. Leveling works a bit differently in co-op, with players leveling up in turns. If one of the players is dead, the level up will skip that player and go to the next one. Speaking of death, whenever a co-op player dies, they’ll turn into a coffin. After a period of time, they’ll respawn, so everyone should work to make sure the area around the coffin is clear.

Players will be able to select weapons as they level up, but the amount of weapons they can have will depend on how many people are playing. So, for maximum survival time, everyone will have to work together to decide who gets what weapon. The mode will not offer split screen, so everyone will have to work together to decide which direction to go on the map.

With the addition of the four-player co-op mode, Vampire Survivors is also adding a new item to the game: The Friendship Amulet. The item can appear on the level-up screen and will level-up a random weapon for each player.

As for online multiplayer, Morgan suggests that the development team is looking into it, but that it’s “an order of magnitude or two more complicated to make right now.”

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