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Update 35 will be the final update for Dead Cells

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Developer Motion Twin has announced that Update 35 for Dead Cells will be the game’s final update, marking the conclusion of the team’s creative journey with the game. This announcement follows a five-year collaboration that brought additional content to Dead Cells, led by a spin-off team known as Evil Empire. While this means the end of new content for Dead Cells, Motion Twin has committed to finding solutions to ensure that quality of life improvements and bug fixes are properly addressed across all platforms. The company also announced it’s exploring new avenues for fans to enjoy the Dead Cells universe, including through an animated series, a board game, and the Beheaded appearing in another world—which could be a crossover with an existing game.

Hello Dead Cells players,

We’re reaching out with some important updates on Update 34 “Clean Cut” on mobile, Update 35 “The End is Near” on PC/Consoles, and an important announcement regarding Dead Cells’ future.

First off, Update 34 is set to arrive on mobile later this year – sorry about the wait. Our initial plan was to release it alongside Update 35, but as things unfolded, we had to adjust our timeline to get everything where we wanted it to be.

Speaking of Update 35, your patience and enthusiasm since its alpha release have been awesome. We really wanted to bring this update to you quickly, but it turns out we can’t release it just yet. We are all hands on deck trying to figure this out, so please look out for more updates in the future.

Update 35 for Dead Cells marks the end of our creative journey on the game. After an incredible 5-year collaboration in bringing additional content to Dead Cells’ live-ops, Evil Empire will be pursuing new adventures and we can’t wait to see what they come up next. This comes after much reflection, especially following the awesome success of the “Return to Castlevania” DLC last year. Our commitment to avoiding the “more of the same” trap and keeping Dead Cells fresh and original has led us to this point; as we’ve seen with other long-running series, it’s crucial not to overextend and risk diminishing the unique charm that makes Dead Cells special to us all. This change explains the recent quiet period on updates, as concluding such a partnership required careful planning to ensure a smooth process for everyone, including the community. As always, we will of course continue to find solutions to make sure that all quality of life issues and bugs are properly fixed across all platforms to provide a worthy experience to all of you.

With all that said, we are committed to continuing the journey in this amazing world with some really cool new stuff outside of the original game, so that more and more people can enjoy Dead Cells in totally new ways. Stay tuned for more updates about the Animated Series, the Board Game and… the Beheaded appearing in another world?!

In closing, we are wishing the best to Evil Empire on their upcoming projects and want to express our deepest gratitude to you, the players, for your unwavering support and passion for Dead Cells. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment, and we’re eager to embark on the next chapter of this journey together.



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