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Super Nintendo World is opening at Universal Epic Universe in 2025

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More details about Super Nintendo World at Universal Epic Universe in Orlando, Florida were announced today. Universal Destinations and Experiences provided an in-depth look at what to expect when the park opens its doors to the public sometime in 2025, which will include a Donkey Kong Country area. For those familiar with the Super Nintendo World parks already opened in Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood, some areas at the Orlando park will look very familiar.

As with the other two existing parks, guests will enter Super Nintendo World by stepping through the iconic green pipe from the Mario games. They’ll be greeted by Peach’s Castle, swaying Piranha plants, pacing Goombas, spinning coins, ? Blocks, and much more. Of course, they’ll also get to meet with characters including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and others. Super Mario Land will include attractions such as Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, Yoshi’s Adventure, Toadstool Cafe, Yoshi’s Snack Island, Turbo Boost Treats, 1-UP Factory, and Mario Motors. Yoshi’s Adventure will make its U.S. debut in Orlando, since the family-friendly ride was not included at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Particularly exciting is the addition of Donkey Kong Country, which will feature the lush, tropical landscape from the video game series. The highlight of the area will be Mine-Cart Madness, a family rollercoaster using innovative technology to simulate the experience of being in the Donkey Kong Country games. This includes getting blasted out of a barrel and seemingly jumping over gaps along a rickety track. Universal plans to release more details about Donkey Kong Country in the coming months.

Of course, the Power-Up Bands available in the other parks will also be offered at Super Nintendo World in Universal Epic Universe. These wristbands enable guests to interact with the environment, such as collecting digital coins by punching ? Blocks and obtaining digital stamps at attractions.

Introducing Super Nintendo World at Universal Epic Universe

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