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M. Bison is now available in Street Fighter 6

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The iconic M. Bison has finally joined the roster in Street Fighter 6 as Year 2 starts off strong. He’s available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and can be seen in all three game modes. Players can ride into Fighting Ground on Bison’s jet-black horse, visit the Undying Lord in World Tour, and equip their avatar with his move set in Battle Hub. Here’s a breakdown of all the content and updates included with M. Bison’s release:

  • World Tour
    • M. Bison’s Master Missions added
  • Fighting Ground
    • M. Bison’s story added to Arcade Mode
  • Shop
    • Shop now includes M. Bison’s Outfit 2, plus Outfit 1 colors 3-10
  • Additional Features/Updates
    • Players can now audibly gear up for battle by selecting to play specific sounds from past Street Fighter™ titles when pre-match Challenger Screens appear
    • When viewing Replays, “1.1x” and “1.2x” playback speed options will now be available, as well as a “Rewind Frame” option (only usable when paused)
    • When a Critical Art can be used, the player’s health bar will now flash
    • Added a shortcut to start Training Mode in the Main Menu
    • In Versus mode, select “Change Match Settings” in the Match Result menu to reset the win/loss record for offline matches/tournaments

If you’re interested in unlocking M. Bison, you’ll need to have the Year 2 Character or Ultimate Pass, or you can buy him individually for 350 Fighter Coins. Purchasing him a la carte also includes his Outfit 1 and Colors 1 & 2. Street Fighter 6 fans have more to look forward to with the other Year 2 characters, including Elena and two guest characters from Fatal Fury, Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui.

Street Fighter 6 – M. Bison Update Launch Trailer

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