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Diablo IV Open Beta Infographic

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Earlier today, Blizzard Entertainment shared an infographic with some statistics from this past weekend’s Diablo IV Open Beta. Although its overall reception has been mixed — we have our fair share of complaints about the game — there’s little doubt Diablo IV is going to sell in droves when it releases on June 6.

Of the five classes that were available during the Diablo IV Open Beta, players played the Sorcerer and Necromancer the most, which really isn’t that surprising. Well-known streamer Kripparrian mainly focused on the Sorcerer class in his one-hour talk on Diablo IV. Combined, there were a total of 61,560,437 hours played among Open Beta participants. I’m sure someone much smarter than me can extrapolate from that data to give an estimate for the number of players during the Open Beta weekend. But If I had to guess? I’d say somewhere around the 7.7-million mark sounds feasible. That’s an average of 8 hours played per person, which isn’t that crazy of a figure since the Open Beta ran from Friday 9:00am PDT to Monday 12:00pm PDT, and some streamers put in well over 40 hours during that time period. That would also means about one-third of the players hit the level 20 mark to get the wolf pack, which sounds about right to me.

We’ll see how Blizzard responds to the Open Beta’s feedback and how it plans to address the numerous issues that have been brought up by the community before the game launches in June.

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