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Second Life is celebrating 20 years with virtual parties, music, gifts, events, and its biggest giveaway ever

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In case you didn’t feel old today, Second Life is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Yes, that Second Life. One of the largest and most successful virtual 3D worlds, Second Life was originally created in 2003 by Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale. Since its inception, Second Life has seen over 73 million accounts created and currently hosts around 750,000 monthly active users. The game, if you want to call it that, has a thriving economy with tens of thousands of creators making a profit by selling millions of virtual items and services, with over 1.6 million transactions happening each day.

To celebrate two decades, Second Life is giving away a brand new Chevrolet Bolt EV and a high-end ASUS computer. Only U.S. residents are eligible for the big giveaways. Meanwhile, global community members can win a one-year premium subscription, with Second Life giving one away each day. From June 22 to July 11, there is the SL20B Shop & Hop with exclusive items and completely new gifts from a record-breaking 480+ merchants across 24 regions. The SL20B Music Fest takes place June 22 to June 24, with over 425 performers during the three-day music event.

Those interested in meeting the people behind Second Life will have a chance to talk to executives, product operations, marketing, engineering, and moles via a series of special Lab Gab Q&A events on each day from June 26 through June 30 at 1:30pm PDT or 4:30pm EDT.

“When we first shared Second Life with the world in 2003, we had one mission in mind: to create a positive, enriching experience for its residents. While others continue to try, no other company has come close to building a world like Second Life,” said Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life. “This would not be possible without the talented and endlessly inventive residents of Second Life, who have built communities dedicated to every conceivable interest. We’re excited for what is to come over the next 20 years as we continue to evolve, and we’re excited to welcome new generations to the world.”

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