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Sea of Stars will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 29, 2023

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Upcoming turn-based RPG, Sea of Stars, has announced it will be available as a PlayStation Plus Game Catalog title on launch day. That means both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass (non-Core) subscribers will be able to enjoy what is looking to be a genuinely great experience on August 29. It will be available to all Extra and Premium members. Sea of Stars comes from Sabotage Studio and is heavily inspired by classic RPGs of old, combining retro aesthetics with modern design.

For those interested in experiencing the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, a demo is now available . I’ve been enjoying the demo on both the Switch and Steam Deck and look forward to experiencing the full game on release. It has a lot of the charm that made Chrono Trigger such an amazing game, and I’m hoping the story and its characters are compelling throughout the journey.

Other standout features in Sea of Stars are the environments and level design. Traversal is very important to the game’s vision, according to Level Designer Philippe Dionne, “with the intention of sustaining a sense of tactileness to the surrounding environments.” Even in the demo, you’ll see the team’s vision when it comes to the level design. It’s significantly more engaging than just moving from point A to point B in a dungeon, and it’s clear that traversal gameplay has a major role in the experience Sea of Stars is trying to deliver.

Simply put, when players are not fighting or reading dialogue, they are exploring, or rather, traversing,” said Dionne. “Even though players are free to explore at their own pace, deliberate pockets like these are present everywhere, each serving different intentions, whether it is helping to assimilate narrative information, cooling down after intense combat, offering an optional moment of contemplation,  or learning a new skill through an invisible tutorial.”

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