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A new PlayStation 5 system software is entering beta today and it’ll introduce several new features to the console. Beta access to the update is limited to invited participants in select countries, and the update is currently scheduled to roll out globally later this year. For now, here are the features you can look forward to, if they are all approved following the beta.

New accessibility features include the ability to use a second controller for assistance, which allows the use of two controllers to operate the PlayStation 5 console as if it was using a single controller. This allows players to enjoy games collaboratively with others. It can also help a friend or child navigate a particularly challenging section of a game without having to hand over the controller. Another accessibility feature is the option to turn on haptic feedback effects while navigating the UI with the DualSense controller, the DualSense Edge controller, or the PS VR2 Sense controller.

The next update will also add support for compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices, allowing 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech to be enjoyed by those who own compatible devices such as soundbars, TVs, or home theater systems. Players also get to enjoy new social feature enhancements, including an update to the party UI that lets players invite another person into a closed party without automatically adding that player into the group or creating a new group. Also, players can now send open or closed party invitations to groups, instead of only individual players.

The PlayStation 5 is also getting a Share Screen preview, so players can see a preview image of their Share Screen before entering the party. The update is also making it easier to join friends’ game sessions. A joinable icon will be displayed next to friends who are playing a game you can join. Meanwhile, the game hub is getting a tournaments tile so players can see how many tournaments they’ve entered and the highest place they’ve achieved, as well as the start time for the next tournament. Lastly, players can add reactions to messages with emojis.

Some ease-of-use features are also being implemented with this update, starting with the ability to search for games within the game library. Game Help cards have also been improved, and more useful tips have been added so users can get the most out of their console. One of the more exciting features for owners is the ability to mute or adjust the volume of the beep sound when the PlayStation 5 is turned on or off, or put into rest mode. The option will be in the System settings once the update goes live.

Finally those who want to maximize storage with their PlayStation 5 will be able to add an 8TB SSD to their system once the update is live. That’s doubling the current maximum capacity of 4TB. Of course, it may be a while before anyone wants to do that, considering an 8TB NVMe SSD currently costs $999.99 at time of publishing.

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