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Community Game Help adds to the current Game Help experience

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The launch of the PlayStation 5 introduced a new feature called Game Help, allowing players easy access to hints, tips, or walkthrough videos while playing. PlayStation will be enhancing that feature later this year with Community Game Help, which expands the library of helpful game hints. When it launches, this feature will incorporate automatically created videos from the gameplay footage of players who have opted to contribute.

The upgraded experience will be available to all PlayStation 5 players without requiring a PlayStation Plus subscription. In supported games, players can contribute their captured gameplay, view hints from others, or access Game Help hints shared by developers. If you’re unfamiliar with Game Help, you can access it by opening the Control Center (pressing the PS button) and looking for an Action Card marked with the “Hints inside” icon. Eventually, hints will be labeled “Community Game Help,” indicating the clip was generated using another player’s footage. Users can rate the usefulness of a hint, enabling the feature to better curate content for players. The feature is also accessible on the PlayStation App, so players can pull up hints on their mobile device.

If you’re interested in contributing your content to Community Game Help, you can opt in from the Settings menu. Navigate to [Captures & Broadcasts] -> [Captures] -> [Auto Captures] -> [Community Game Help], then select [Participate]. You can opt out at any time, which will also remove all your published videos from Community Game Help. Look for these settings to go live in the coming months.

Once enabled, the PlayStation 5 will automatically capture video when certain activities are completed in a game. After it gets approved by a moderator, the video will be published as a Game Help hint. Also, once a video has been uploaded to PlayStation’s servers, it’ll be deleted from the console so it won’t impact local storage. Only raw game footage will be shared, so images and audio from a webcam, microphone, or party chat audio will not be shared. However, the video may include online IDs or chat messages if they’re shown on the game screen.

Community Game Help will become available in select games later this year, and PlayStation will work to expand it to as many titles as possible.

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