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PixelJunk Eden 2

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PixelJunk Eden 2 is arriving later this year, Q-Games has announced

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PixelJunk Eden 2 has been officially announced and is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC sometime later this year. The latest entry in the award-winning PixelJunk series, PixelJunk Eden 2 will invite players to twirl, leap, and tumble across hypnotic landscapes to the mesmerizing soundtrack from multimedia artist Baiyon.

The long-awaited sequel takes place in the beautiful gardens of Eden, where players will take on the role of a Grimp, tiny creatures with big personalities that swing from silk to collect pollen. Once the nearby seeds have been filled with enough pollen, the garden evolves and expands, changing in response to the player’s actions. Through nurturing the garden, the Grimps can locate Spectra, which is the source of life in the garden. Other Grimps with unique abilities and Spices provide some variety to gameplay customization.

PixelJunk Eden 2 is expected to ship with a full single player campaign with the option for local two-player co-op, brought to life in 4K. There will be over 20 playable Grimps to find and unlock, and 40 game altering Spices. There is also going to be an Infinite Mode, where players can swing freely through the ever-changing gardens.

“The PixelJunk series is close to the hearts of many players who have been with us since the PS3 days, so being able to share this eagerly awaited sequel to 2008’s PixelJunk Eden with more of our community is a special moment.

As part of our 15th anniversary celebrations, we’re thrilled to be able to bring both PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe and PixelJunk Eden 2 to fans on PlayStation and PC this year. Not only that,  but there’s more in store for PixelJunk fans. So watch this space!”

Dylan Cuthbert, Founder of Q-Games and Executive Producer

PixelJunk Eden 2 Announce Trailer

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