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Payday 3's matchmaking issues should be fixed now

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Payday 3’s launch got off to a very rough start. We were able to spend a few hours with the game and enjoyed what we saw, before encountering the matchmaking woes that plagued millions of players. Developer Starbreeze Entertainment has confirmed the scheduled maintenance that was carried out last week has resolved the initial matchmaking issues from the game’s launch. Now that matchmaking is stable, we can confirm that we’ve been able to play enough of the game to complete all available maps.

Starbreeze also released some statistics on the game’s launch, saying that Payday 3 reached a peak concurrent player count of 124,254 in the past five days. This is impressive, especially considering the game was largely unplayable for most during this period. In total last month, Payday 3 had 3,167,938 unique players and Starbreeze Nebula had a total of 4,538,702 registered users across all titles. Yes, unfortunately, Payday 3 requires you to create a Starbreeze Nebula account in order to play the game.

With matchmaking fixed, the developers are now turning their attention back to “commercial activities around Payday 3.” It has released a bit of a roadmap on what’s to come for the remainder of this year. For October, expect the game to receive over 200 quality-of-life improvements for all platforms, along with new content and new functionality. These updates will continue through November. In December, the DLC “Syntax Error” will go on sale. Players who have Payday 3 Silver or Gold Edition will receive the DLC as part of the package.

With so many other games launching this month, it’ll be interesting to see whether Payday 3’s player count climbs in October.

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