OMG! PUMA Put FFXIV’s Fat Cat on Clothing


Final Fantasy XIV

By: Jason Siu



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final fantasy xiv x puma collection

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If there was an apparel company that would be a perfect fit to collaborate with Final Fantasy XIV, it would be Puma. Why? Because a puma is a really large cat and Final Fantasy XIV has the bestest fat cat in all the lands. Earlier today, when the PUMA x FFXIV Collection announcement was made, I didn’t even connect the two cat-dots. But now that I’ve seen the lineup of what PUMA will be offering, I’m actually more worried about how quickly it’ll all sell out and what ridiculous prices it’ll cost on eBay.

While some of the t-shirt designs seem a bit uninspired, the collaboration intends to celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV and the designs take inspiration from the duality of Light and Dark. There’s a selection of footwear, apparel, and assorted accessories and many of them feature XIV’s signature fat cat. The collection will launch on and in select PUMA retail locations starting March 25, 2023 for North America. I advise taking a look and making note of what you’re interested in, because not all the products have the same availability date.

And for good measure, here’s a photo of my giant fat cat plush, followed by the announcement video of the collaboration.

PUMA x FFXIV Collection Video

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