Oh Boy, Ever Crisis has Unexpected Content We’ve Never Seen


Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

By: Jason Siu


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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a mobile game and it features content from the universe we've never seen before

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This past week, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis officially released on Android and iOS. I previously shared my experience with the mobile game during its closed beta and have been spending time with its official launch. We expected new story elements about a younger Sephiroth and the introduction of new characters. However, Ever Crisis surprised me with unseen content about the main cast of Final Fantasy VII.

You’ll have to spend a bit of time in the game to unlock them, but the “Character Quests” I’ve unlocked so far center around Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, filling in some gaps in the story that we’ve never seen before. For example, there are scenes of when Tifa first finds Cloud in Midgar. To avoid spoilers, I won’t share any more details, but for those who care about every bit of Final Fantasy VII’s story, you may want to play Ever Crisis. If you’re worried about having to spend money, you can make it through all the story elements without spending a single penny. It’ll just take you a bit of time.

Remember, Nomura is the mastermind behind the convoluted Kingdom Hearts series, which integrated story elements from its mobile games into the main titles. Given this, it’s fair to wonder if something similar is happening between Final Fantasy VII: Remake/Rebirth and Ever Crisis. There is the possibility that some of these story elements from the Character Quests will show up in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but we won’t know until the game releases early next year.

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