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No Man's Sky's Adrift expedition kicks off today

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Nearly eight years since its launch, No Man’s Sky continues to thrive with major content updates. Developer Hello Games has revealed “Adrift,” which will allow players to experience an alternative universe. For the first time, they will be truly alone in No Man’s Sky, meaning no other lifeforms, shops, trading, shortcuts, or assistance.

In this alternative universe, players will also find dangerous sandworms roaming free, while buildings will be broken and rusted. Somewhere in space, a new ghostly frigate can be recruited if it can be found first. Adrift offers a safe haven for players with the Iron Vulture, a new Hauler starship.

The update was originally planned as just an expedition, but it has since grown to include improvements, unique gameplay content, rewards, and new ship customization options. Players can experience the 13th No Man’s Sky community expedition starting today at the Expedition Terminus aboard the Space Anomaly or from a new save. Don’t worry; you can convert to a Normal Mode save later on. Hello Games said the expedition will run for approximately seven weeks.

No Man’s Sky Adrift Expedition Trailer

No Man’s Sky 4.70 Patch Notes

  • Expedition Thirteen, Adrift, will begin shortly and run for approximately seven weeks.
  • During the expedition, every star system has become abandoned, removing all NPCs, all active starships, and destroying system economies.
  • A number of other gameplay changes have been made to reflect the strange nature of this universe, including to gameplay events, to player communications, and to the distribution of various hostile entities.
  • Rewards include new posters, decals and titles; a set of starship wreckage base building parts; a vile and gnawing companion; a unique cursed frigate; several new starship customisation options; and the exclusive Iron Vulture hauler.
  • Introduced a number of significant memory usage optimisations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused base parts to pop in after loading.
  • Improved the speech audio of the Assembled Construct on the Space Anomaly..
  • Improved the audio for planetary titan worms.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Space Anomaly from playing its warp-in effects.
  • Significantly improved the visual effects around the Space Anomaly’s Prime Terminal.
  • Fixed an issue that caused distorted Travellers to pop in when interacting with Unknown Graves.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the crafting page to use incorrect text when attempting to build an object while lacking sufficient resources.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed markers belonging to separate resources to be merged together when part of the same clump.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could allow damaged technology to appear in the list of refinable items.
  • Planets with synthetic or robotic creatures will now report this information in the “Fauna” category of their data readout.
  • The purchase UI screen has been tweaked to improve clarity when the current item is unaffordable.
  • Fixed a number of rare issues where incorrect rewards were listed in the UI or in the interaction prompt.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Atlas Path from appearing in the Collected Knowledge section of the catalogue.
  • Fixed some misleading mission instructions in the They Who Returned mission while in an uninhabitable star system.
  • Fixed a number of rare mission blockers that could occur while reloading a save in the middle of space combat.
  • Fixed a number of rare blockers in A Trace Metal related to Tethys’ interactions.
  • Added a catalogue guidance mission for Atlantideum.
  • Improved mission text clarity in the event that a player travels a significant distance away from their current mission target.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could add an “ON PLANET” label to the Atlas Station’s marker.
  • Fixed a number of minor text issues.

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