Meta Quest 3 Arrives October 10, Preorders Now Live



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Meta Quest 3 preorders are now live, with the device launching October 10

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Announced earlier this year, Meta Quest 3 launches October 10, 2023 and preorders are now live. The new mixed reality headset is priced at $499.99 USD for the 128GB version and $649.99 USD for the 512GB variant. The new Quest 3 is being advertised as having double the graphic processing power of its predecessor, and it’s the first to feature the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. More importantly, the headset features a 4K+ Infinite Display, with nearly a 30% leap in resolution compared to Meta Quest 2. The display offers 25 pixels per degree and boasts a density of 1,218 pixels per inch

Overall, the device also has a slimmer profile, thanks to Meta’s next-generation pancake lens optical stack. The optic profile is 40% slimmer than that of the Quest 2, without sacrificing visual immersion. Comfort was also a focus with the Quest 3’s redesign. The thinner profile offers a more customizable fit and balanced weight distribution. The soft, adjustable strap design accommodates users who wear glasses without any issues.

A new level of spatial audio offers enhanced sound clarity and bass performance. Compared to Quest 2, the new headset boasts a 40% louder audio range.

For a limited time, each Meta Quest 3 purchase includes a free copy of Asgard’s Wrath 2, valued at $59.99 USD. Those who opt for the 512GB unit will also get a six-month trial of Meta Quest+.

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