Marvel Snap Adds Battle Mode vs Friends Tomorrow


Marvel Snap

By: Jason Siu


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Second Dinner has confirmed that Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode vs Friends will go live tomorrow, January 31, 2023. The new mode in the popular card game will allow you to battle your friends in a different format than what we’ve been accustomed to. Instead of cubes, each player in Battle Mode will start with 10 health and the first player to hit 0 health loses. That means Battle Mode takes place over multiple rounds, but each player’s deck is locked for the duration of the battle.

According to a blog post from Associate Design Director Kent-Erik Hagman, Battle Mode takes about 20 minutes. If the Battle makes it to a fifth match, then “High Stakes Rounds” take over and each match begins with the stakes at 2 damage, instead of 1. Based on the same blog post, expect a competitive version of Battle Mode to be released in the coming weeks. It’s likely Battle Mode vs Friends will be used to iron out the kinks.

If you haven’t heard of Marvel Snap, it’s a fast-paced card battler that’s available on mobile devices and Steam. I have been enjoying the game since I got invited to the beta in May 2022, completing my dailies each day and building my Collection Level to to nearly 5,500. If you’re looking for a card game you can play casually each day with short matches, I recommend checking it out!

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