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Concord will be hosting an open beta from July 18 to July 21

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Firewalk has announced when players will be able to check out Concord, which had an extensive preview at Sony’s State of Play in May. The upcoming multiplayer team shooter will host an Early Access Beta from July 12 to July 14 for those who have preordered the game. Any edition preorder comes with five codes for Concord Beta Early Access, allowing you to invite up to four friends. Once the Early Access weekend ends, the Concord Open Beta, which will be available to all players on PlayStation 5 and PC, will run from July 18 through July 21. Concord will have optional cross-play support, so you can team up with friends on either PlayStation 5 or PC.

The beta events will have access to all 16 of the Freegunners that will be available at launch. This will allow players to get a real feel for the entire roster, learning how each character plays before the game goes live. More importantly, it will provide Firewalk with plenty of feedback on balancing as it prepares the game for its release on August 23. Four maps will be available during the Early Access Beta: Freewater, Water Hazard, Star Chamber, and Shock Risk. The Open Beta will add a new world and fifth map, Bone Mines on the planet Akkar.

Three game modes will be available during Early Access Beta weekend: Trophy Hunt, Cargo Run, and Clash Point. Trophy Hunt is a traditional PvP, respawn-based mode where players fight and take down the other team to collect their bounty cards for points. The first team to reach the target score before time runs out is declared the winner. Cargo Run is a no-respawn mode where teams fight to retrieve a robotic package delivery system, plant it at one of the zones, and defend it from the rival crew to win. Finally, Clash Point is a round-based, no-respawn mode that has teams competing to control a single capture zone at a central location on the map. The Open Beta weekend will add a fourth mode called Area Control, a respawn mode where teams compete to control multiple capture and control zones. None of these modes sound particularly groundbreaking and should feel pretty familiar if you’ve played any team-based shooter in the last decade.

Players checking out the beta will also get to learn more about the Northstar crew’s stories through cinematic vignettes. Firewalk promises that these brief cinematics will premiere every week in-game once Concord launches.

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