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Samsung's Freestyle Gen 2 is the world's first portable projector with built-in cloud gaming

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The adoption of cloud gaming has been a slow process, to the point that Google’s Stadia exited the market before it really made any progress. The technology, however, is very much likely the future of gaming for some markets and there’s a reason why manufacturers will continue to incorporate cloud gaming into their devices. The latest to do that is Samsung’s Freestyle Gen 2, which is the world’s first portable projector with cloud gaming built-in, and it works with your favorite Bluetooth controller. The device is now available for preorder and will begin shipping on August 31.

The Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub is a portable smart projector that can transform virtually any surface, including your ceiling, into a screen up to 100 inches. Users can access the Samsung Gaming Hub and play games from Xbox and other streaming partners, without needing a console. The portable nature of the projector adds to its appeal, allowing users to have a mini theater wherever they go. Naturally, it can also stream content from your standard entertainment apps, such as Netflix or Disney+.

To use the Freestyle Gen 2 as a portable gaming device, users only have to sync up their favorite Bluetooth controller and set up the Freestyle, point, and play. It also supports apps including Spotify, YouTube, and Twitch, so players can have videos or music playing while gaming. The device can project content in 30 to 100 inches of clarity and automatically optimizes for 1920×1080 resolution (full HD).

Currently, Samsung has a promotion for those who preorder from now through August 30. They will receive a free, IP55-rated water and dust resistant case, which is a $59.99 value.

Samsung Freestyle Gen 2

Buy Samsung Freestyle Gen 2

Release date: August 31, 2023

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