Hearthstone’s Next Expansion is ‘Festival of Legends’



By: Jason Siu


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hearthstone festival of legends key art

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Set to arrive in April, Blizzard has announced Hearthstone’s next expansion: Festival of Legends. Naturally, the expansion will bring forth 145 new cards, new keywords and mechanics, and more. The expansion plays on the theme that Elite Tauren Chieftain (E.T.C.) is putting on a music festival — the largest Azeroth has ever seen. Included in the new batch of cards will be a legendary setlist of new Soloist minions and Harmonic spells, along with the keyword: Finale. The Priest class is also getting a new keyword: Overheal.

Each class in the expansion gets a Legendary minion that represents the star musician for that respective class. In addition, there will also be a Legendary spell that showcases that musician’s most famous song. Expect to see new class instrument weapon cards, some of which will have Deathrattle effects that improve while in play.

As for the Soloist minions, they will have special Battlecry effects if they’re the only minion in your control. Harmonic spells switch between harmonic and dissonant frequencies each turn they’re in hand. Another interesting layer of strategy being added to Hearthstone, which continues to evolve with each expansion.

Cards with the new keyword Finale will get special bonuses if playing them uses up all remaining mana.

Expect the Priest class to get a tune-up for Festival of Legends. The new Priest keyword, Overheal, gives minions with Overheal a special effect that triggers when they are healed above their max health.

The Headliner’s Tour will go live with patch 25.6, allowing players to pick their favorite performers from one of three concert series to earn rewards from unique quests. The content is 100% in Ranked game mode and the rewards will be divided into three separate tracks. Another event, “Legends Take the Stage” will go live at expansion launch and will offer opportunities to earn free card packs.

Check out a gallery of cards that were revealed along with the Festival of Legends announcement below.

Hearthstone Festival of Legends Announcement Cards

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