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Grim Dawn's next expansion, Fangs of Asterkarn, is currently set to launch in 2024

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If you are disappointed with Diablo IV like we were, there are a few recommended action RPG alternatives you can check out. We’ve been having a great time exploring Last Epoch, and more recently, we’ve revisited the world of Grim Dawn to catch up on what we’ve missed since we originally played it. Now, the team at Crate Entertainment has announced Grim Dawn is getting a third expansion called Fangs of Asterkarn. For this expansion, players will travel west into the rugged wilderness of Asterkarn to contend with the mighty Kurn.

The expansion will add a transformative 10th Mastery to the game, but it will not be increasing the level cap or devotion cap. Characters, however, will gain additional power through quest rewards and potion customization. The new chapter of the story takes place in the snowy peaks of Asterkarn, where players will be exploring frozen caverns and adventuring through ancient forested valleys.

Other new features heading to the expansion include:

  • Ascendant Game Mode – turn the campaign world into an even more challenging mode with every dungeon and boss encounter sure to test your limits
  • Potion Customization – alter potions to suit playstyles by turning them into powerful tonics that can restore a character’s vitality, or provide powerful unique buffs and effects
  • Affix Transmutation – the ability to reroll rare and magic items to perfect equipment
  • Crucible Expanded – players can delve even deeper into the Crucible’s challenges with 30 additional waves (requires the Crucible DLC)
  • The Shattered Realm Grows – players can discover new regions and boss arenas that are being slowly consumed within the Shattered Realm’s unstable infinity
  • Hundreds of new items
  • Ability to awaken epic items
  • New super bosses and additional Nemesis bosses for old factions
  • Five new hero monster archetypes
  • Two new rogue-like dungeons

No exact release date or pricing information has been announced, but Fangs of Asterkarn is expected to release in 2024. Although, Crate did say “but you never know when we end up doing MOAR than initially promised.” Expect it to cost similarly to past expansions, so more than likely under $20.

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