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The Pokémon Sleep World Champions Tournament has been officially revealed

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Pokémon Sleep is definitely an interesting concept: an app that focuses on turning sleep into a form of entertainment. The idea behind it is to promote healthier sleep habits by using the world of Pokémon. The game lets users track and record their sleep, and based on the quality and duration of sleep, they can attract Pokémon with similar sleeping habits. The goal of the game is to fill up a Sleeping Face Pokédex and recruit those Pokémon to a team. Higher sleep scores, rewarded for longer sleep durations, essentially encourage players to maintain healthy sleeping habits.

First released in July 2023, Pokémon Sleep has now announced its first World Champions Tournament to award the trophy to the World Pokémon Sleep Champion. The announcement trailer showed a competition where five trainers entered booths to sleep competitively. Each contestant must log eight and a half hours of sleep, with points awarded for the speed of entering deep sleep (slumbering), sleep rhythm, and overall sleep style artistry. With announcers named Kenny Mattress and Chris Pillow, you simply can’t miss the commentary for the competition.

Welcome to the Pokémon Sleep World Champions Tournament!

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