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Final Fantasy XVI's second DLC launches April 18

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Today at PAX East, the Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide team took to the stage to present more information on the upcoming DLC. Producer Naoki Yoshida, DLC Director Takeo Kujiraoka, and Localization Director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox shared many new details on the next bit of Clive Rosfield’s story as we’ll finally get to uncover the mystery behind Leviathan. The panel began by introducing Takeo Kujiraoka, who is on Team Tifa, and has been at Square Enix for over 20 years. We then learned that The Rising Tide takes place in Mysidia, which pays homage to Final Fantasy IV. A new ally, Shula, will join Clive, Joshua, and Jill on this journey to rescue Leviathan’s dominant.

The team talked about how the first DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, mainly focuses on Clive and his battle system. The Rising Tide, however, will focus on Ifrit, so Kujiraoka recommended that players polish up on their skills controlling the fiery Eikon. The presentation also gave us a good look at a new Tonberry design and the new Leviathan abilities Clive will have at his disposal. Finishing The Rising Tide and the main game scenario will unlock new end-game content called Kairos Gate. For those familiar with Final Fantasy XIV, Kairos Gate looks to be inspired a bit by the Deep Dungeons in the MMORPG. In it, players will have to fight through 20 stages, each more difficult than the last. Players will earn points during battle that can be used to upgrade Clive, and at the end of each stage, new materials and weapons will be available. The team teased a mysterious boss for players who manage to clear all 20 stages, and there will be a global leaderboard to inspire competition.

Coinciding with the release of The Rising Tide, the base game will also receive free update version 1.30. The patch will add several requested quality-of-life features such as the ability to return to a quest giver immediately, updated icons for important character quests, a new Skill Set feature that allows up to five unique Feat and Ability sets, a new controller type that allows for customizable button layouts, and some abilities and accessories have been adjusted to make them easier to use. The team was quick to say no nerfs are being done. Minor updates include additional features in Photo Mode and around 40 new orchestrion rolls are being added for music fans.

The Rising Tide expansion launches on April 18, 2024, and is available for $19.99 as standalone DLC. A discounted Expansion Pass that includes both Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide is available for $24.99.

In our Final Fantasy XVI review, we found the game to be an epic, but flawed experience. The RPG is full of memorable moments sandwiched between forgettable ones, with characters you’ll love and characters you won’t.

Final Fantasy XVI DLC Trailer – The Rising Tide

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