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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.5, Growing Light, launches October 3

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Final Fantasy XIV’s next major update, Patch 6.5, is set to launch on October 3. Patch 6.5, titled Growing Light, marks the beginning of the end for the Endwalker expansion. with 6.55 currently scheduled to launch sometime in mid-January 2024. After that, players will eagerly await the arrival of the MMORPG’s next expansion, Dawntrail.

Veteran subscribers to Final Fantasy XIV will likely be familiar with the features typically introduced in odd-numbered patches, particularly the final “.5” versions. Of course there will be new Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) that will lead players to a new dungeon. Like all previous end-of-expansion patches, the 6.5 MSQ will be divided into two parts, and the second part will arrive with Patch 6.55. Players can also look forward to a new Trial plus an Extreme version, the final Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid, a new Unreal Trial, and a new Variant/Criterion Dungeon.

As for job adjustments, don’t expect any changes to rotations since that will change with the launch of Dawntrail. Instead, the updates in Patch 6.5 will focus on balancing job damage output, so expect to see increases to potency on various job actions. Crafters and gatherers can look forward to the final stage of Splendorous Tools with Patch 6.51, along with a new Custom Deliveries NPC.

The team at Creative Business Unit III continues to work on making the earlier expansions more solo friendly and with Patch 6.5, Duty Support will be added for the remaining Stormblood MSQ dungeons: The Drowned City of Skalla, The Burn, and The Ghimlyt Dark. With this update, Duty Support will be available for all MSQ dungeons in the game.

Patch 6.5 is also when the game’s free trial is expanding to include Stormblood. The launch date for the Fall Guys collaboration will be announced at the London Fan Fest in October.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.5 – Growing Light

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