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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

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Mobile game Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is getting a PC version on Steam

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The community team for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis hosted the game’s inaugural livestream event today, discussing upcoming features and changes. Launched on September 7, Ever Crisis adopts the familiar gacha mobile game formula, featuring events and banners. The team announced during the livestream that a PC version of the game is in development for Steam. Unfortunately, no release date was announced.

Additionally, the team is revamping the game’s stamina regeneration system. Currently, it’s 10 per hour, which is surprisingly slow in a mobile game. While one can argue it’s to entice people to spend money on energy refreshes, it also keeps the majority of players out of the game most of the day. The game will be updated so that stamina will regenerate at one stamina every two minutes, and instead of receiving one stamina tonic as a gift at certain times throughout the day, each of those gifts will be three stamina tonics.

An upcoming event scheduled for September 28 will feature Young Sephiroth along with his banner. Maintenance will take place from 4:00pm Pacific/7:00pm Eastern to 6:59pm Pacific/9:59pm Eastern on September 28 to introduce the event. Players will also be able to take on regular Sephiroth as a raid boss starting on October 6. Next month will also bring new chapters to the story and a Halloween event.

Ranking dungeons are also set to launch on September 28. In these dungeons, players strive for quick victories and minimal item usage to earn high scores. These dungeons will have ranking rewards in the form of gacha tickets and title plates. The top 10 people get a stylish red plate and 20 gacha tickets, while the top 100 people will get a green title plate and 20 gacha tickets. Those who place 101st place and beyond will still get gacha tickets and materia synthesis. In other words, everyone gets rewards.

Active Ever Crisis players can log in today to claim free gifts, such as 5-star gacha tickets, 1,000 blue gems, and 2- stamina tonics. In the near future, a Sephiroth weapon will be gifted.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Livestream 9/26/2023

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