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The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play was packed with new information on the upcoming RPG

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Today’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play was packed with new information on the upcoming RPG, with 11 minutes of new gameplay revealed along with a lengthy new trailer. As expected, a demo is releasing today that will feature the Nibelheim incident section, allowing players to control both Cloud and Sephiroth in battle. On February 21, Square Enix plans to update the demo with a section of Junon to explore. Players with save data from the demo will receive the Kupo Charm and Survival Set in the full game and they will be able to skip past sections covered in the Nibelheim section of the demo. No progress will be carried from the demo to the full game.

We won’t discuss the trailer since there are potentially spoilers in it, depending on your definition of a spoiler. We will, however, highlight the major features heading to the game that was showcased today. For starters, Square Enix gave us a look at the world map, which it says is constructed of several areas seamlessly joined together. Those areas include the Grasslands, Junon Region, Corel Region, Gongaga Region, Cosmo Canyon Region, NIbel Region, Meridian Ocean, and Northwood.

While adventuring in the open world, expect to run into various points of interest. We have previously seen information on World Intel, which is where players survey the world, fight certain foes, and look for various resources or hidden treasures. There will also be Odd Jobs that further explore the world and characters of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The State of Play revealed sanctuaries that will share knowledge about the game’s summons.

One of the more exciting sections was a preview of all the minigames that are going to be in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. There’s a new card game called Queen’s Blood, which fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will undoubtedly embrace. Some of the minigames are tied to World Intel and Odd Jobs, while popular ones from the Gold Saucer will make a return including Chocobo Racing. Other minigames are improved versions from Final Fantasy VII Remake, while some are completely new to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Don’t worry, the iconic minigames that were part of the original Final Fantasy VII’s scenario will return with more fleshed-out details.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play confirmed that your dialogue choices will affect your friendship levels with characters, changing how each party member feels about Cloud. This feature plays an important role in leading up to the infamous dating scene at the Gold Saucer. In terms of gameplay, there was one particularly surprising announcement. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces a Party Level that allows further customization through the Folio System. Players can learn unique synergy commands for each party combination through the Folio System, which can be reset at any time.

Below, you’ll find the 11 minute gameplay video along with the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Final Trailer, which could have spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Final Trailer

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