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Electronic Arts (EA) is reorganizing the company into two divisions

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Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announced today that the company is reorganizing into two divisions: EA Entertainment and EA SPORTS. This move aims to further empower the company’s creative teams and drive growth, with each division having its own leadership and distinct strategic focus.

Laura Miele will serve as President of EA Entertainment, Technology & Central Development, and will oversee key studios. Miele will continue to lead central technology and development services in her role as President, while Vince Zampella will lead the studios responsible for Apex Legends, Star Wars games, and Battlefield under EA Entertainment. Jeff Karp will continue to lead mobile games.

At EA SPORTS, the newly appointed President Cam Weber will take the helm, guiding the organization responsible for EA’s sports experiences and racing portfolio. David Tinson has been appointed as EVP and Chief Experiences Officer, leading the EA Experiences team to develop and scale services and capabilities across Commercial, Marketing, WWCE, EAX, and Positive Play.

In the announcement, EA also confirmed that Chris Bruzzo will retire at the end of the month, and that Chris Suh has left the company. Stuart Canfield will serve as EA’s new EVP and Chief Financial Officer.

While much of this is corporate news that may not significantly impact gamers directly, it indicates a significant shift in the company’s structure and operations. Miele previously served as the Chief Operating Officer at Electronic Arts and began her career as a project manager for Westwood Studios in 1996. She stayed with the company when EA acquired Westwood in 1998 and has also served as Chief Studios Officer.

Cam Weber, meanwhile, joined EA in 2009 and has served in roles including Vice President, EA Sports and Senior Vice President, EA Sports. Prior to today, he was the Executive Vice President and General Manager, EA Sports.

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