DOOM is Going Mobile and it Doesn’t Look Terrible?


Mighty Doom

By: Jason Siu


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mighty doom trailer

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If you had told 12-year-old me that one day in the future I would be able to play DOOM on a mobile device, I probably would have been really excited. Well, it’s becoming a reality and I’m actually still a bit excited about it. Called Mighty DOOM, it’ll be a top-down, single-touch action shooter that launches on Apple and Android devices on March 21. Pre-registering for the game will get you a free launch Mini Slayer’s pack with gear and exclusive skins.

In Mighty DOOM, players will take control of the Mini Slayer, a miniaturized version of the iconic DOOM slayer. If you have played the recent DOOM releases, Mini Slayer is clearly inspired by the figurines you can collect in those games. The art style is a far departure from the DOOM we all know, with an animated approach that can actually pass as being “cute.”

It appears Mighty DOOM will be a bit of a rogue-lite, as you’ll consistently level up, upgrade weapons and gear, as well as finding new combinations of skills.

Mighty DOOM is developed by Alpha Dog Games, which joined Bethesda in 2019. The Canadian studio is led by Shawn Woods and Jeff Cameron.

Mighty DOOM Announcement Trailer

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