Diablo IV Open Beta Coming in March


Diablo IV

By: Jason Siu


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It’s hard to believe Diablo IV will actually be releasing this year, and for those who aren’t lucky enough to be in the closed beta, we’ll all get a chance to experience the game next month. In a blog post, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed those who pre-purchased Diablo IV will have early access to the open beta from March 17 to March 19. It won’t be until the following week, March 24 to March 26, that everyone will have access to the open beta. Both open beta sessions will be available on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

There are obviously some restrictions in place for the open beta. Players will be able to experience the Prologue and Act 1 of the campaign, while character level will be capped at 25. Blizzard Entertainment did caution that “the experience is not finalized and you may encounter performance issues, outages, and come across things that simply don’t work.” Pretty sure that “may” should be a “will” — sorry Blizzard, confidence isn’t very high at the moment.

If you have an actual Beta Early Access code for Diablo IV because you didn’t pre-order the game digitally, you’ll want to redeem that code over at diablo.com/beta.

Diablo IV is currently on schedule to be released on June 2, 2023. I am cautiously optimistic that Diablo IV will live up to some expectations when it releases later this year. As someone who has put thousands of hours into Diablo II and Diablo III, but has recently lost a lot of faith in Blizzard Entertainment, I can’t wait to see how Diablo IV plays in the open beta.

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