Dead Island 2’s Release is Moving Up a Week


Dead Island 2

By: Jason Siu


1 min read

dead island 2 screenshot

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These days, we’ve gotten pretty used to games getting delayed. Just recently, the team at Respawn Entertainment announced that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor would be delayed to April 28th. Earlier today, Dead Island’s Twitter made a post and instead of announcing another delay, the long-awaited zombie game is actually releasing a week earlier on April 21. It’s pretty likely that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s delay to Dead Island 2’s original release date influenced the decision.

The tweet also confirmed the game has gone gold, after very many years in development. Originally set to release February 3, 2023, Dead Island 2 was delayed to April 28 and now it’ll be out April 21. The game was first revealed at E3 2014, which seems like a lifetime ago.

While the original Dead Island was a pretty average zombie game, it quickly spread across the Internet with its first announcement trailer back in 2011. To this day, it’s still one of the more memorable video game trailers, despite how far games have come since then.

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