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Baldur's Gate 3's latest infographics have revealed some very interesting statistics about the massive RPG

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In August, Larian Studios released several infographics that revealed all the diverse choices players made in the initial days following the PC launch. With Baldur’s Gate 3’s release on PlayStation 5, the developer has unveiled a new series of infographics. that really paint a picture of just how popular the game has become. To date, 1.3 million players have completed Baldur’s Gate 3. Notably, 94 percent of them created custom characters, spending a total of 8,196 years in the Character Creator.

Continuing the trend from August, Gale is still the most played Origin character, with Astarion close behind. The Paladin remains the most popular class choice, followed by Sorcerer, Fighter, Rogue, and Barbarian. The least popular class choice continues to be the Cleric. Elves are the most favored race among players, with Halflings being the least popular. When it comes to subclasses, Berserker (Barbarian) tops the list, followed by College of Lore (Bard) and Tempest Domain (Cleric). The least popular is Evocation School (Wizard).

The infographics also show that 14.4 million characters have been disintegrated into fine dust, while 1.2 million characters have been compelled to dance against their will. Nearly a third of all players (30.4 percent) have given in to their illithid side and flexed their powers by Act 2.

Among the more intriguing statistics, Larian Studios revealed that 1.24 million players transformed into sentient wheels of cheese, while 2 million survived dinosaur attacks. Currently, 84 million fireballs have been thrown and players have spoken to over 113 million corpses since launch. We are also happy to report that Scratch has now been pet 48.5 million times, up from 750,000 in August’s infographics.

As for the most popular romantic interest? Shadowheart remains the girl of most players’ hearts, with 51.3% of players reaching the final act of her romance arc. Karlach and Lae’zel follow behind. Also, given the option, 66 percent of players have requested that Halsin bare all. You know what they’re talking about.

Additionally, Larian Studios shared statistics regarding the newly added Honour Mode in Patch 5. Approximately 158 ,000 playthroughs have been started in the near mode with over 34,000 players who have died. A total of 464 parties have already completed the game in Honour Mode, which is impressive considering it was released on November 30.

Topping it all of, players have cumulatively invested 452,556,984 hours in Baldur’s Gate 3, which is over 51,662 years. That is probably one of the most impressive statistics for what is likely Game of the Year for many players in 2023.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing through Baldur’s Gate 3 when it first released on PC, although I did experience performance issues and quite a few bugs. Since then, numerous major patches have been released addressing many of the game’s issues and I look forward to experiencing it again when I can find the free time.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Infographics

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