Automatic Housing Demolition Temporarily Paused in FFXIV


Final Fantasy XIV

By: Jason Siu


1 min read

housing demolition temporarily paused in ffxiv

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Following the massive earthquakes in southeastern Turkey, Square Enix has temporarily suspended automatic housing demolition in Final Fantasy XIV. The suspension is effective immediately on all Chaos and Light Data Center Worlds. If your house or land is currently being prepared for auto-demolition, the status can be cancelled by entering the estate or constructing an estate on the land.

When the auto-demolition counter resumes, it will resume from the time remaining as of the temporary suspension. Square Enix did not say when auto-demolition will resume, just that it would monitor the situation in the coming days and will inform everyone when a decision is made.

This isn’t the first time automatic housing demolition has been suspended in Final Fantasy XIV and this is often done when natural occurrences happen that could make it difficult for players to log in. The system is in place since housing is so limited in Final Fantasy XIV, due to tech debt. It’s a great feature, but with the extra growth Final Fantasy XIV has experienced recently, it has become even more difficult to secure a house even with the new lottery system.

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